Daniel Olmedo Photographer Wedding Intimate Bangladeshi wedding in Xpuha

Intimate Bangladeshi wedding in Xpuha

Tulum Wedding Photographer, Amy and Adam had a beautiful Bangladeshi wedding at Glampy Serenity in Xpuja, Quintana Roo, Mexico. As your wedding photographer, I was honored to capture your special day. The couple, who hail from Birmingham, Michigan, USA, looked stunning in their traditional cream and red Bangladeshi attire.

The wedding ceremony took place on the beach at noon, with the soothing sound of ocean waves and a refreshing sea breeze adding to the ambience. The couple exchanged vows under a beautifully decorated canopy, surrounded by their family and friends.

Amy was adorned in exquisite jewelery that complemented her beautiful cream and red Bangladeshi dress, while Adam looked elegant in her traditional attire. The couple radiated love and joy as they took their vows and exchanged rings.

The couple’s love and happiness was palpable, and it was my pleasure to capture their special day through my lens.

In conclusion, Amy and Adam’s Bangladeshi wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and culture, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mexican coastline. It was my honor to be your wedding photographer and capture the precious moments of your special day.

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