Daniel Olmedo Photographer Family Session family session on a yacht in Cancun

family session on a yacht in Cancun

Capturing family vacation memories is always a delightful experience. I recently had the opportunity to do a photo session for the Pérez family from Villahermosa, Tabasco, who travel to Cancun every year. The Pérez family always asks me to do their family photo session, and this year we did it on a yacht they rented in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. This year’s photo shoot was extra special as they were also celebrating the 10th birthday of the youngest son in the family.

We start the photo session early in the morning to take advantage of the beautiful light and avoid the harsh sun. The yacht provided a picturesque background for family photos, with its shades of blue perfectly complementing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Pérez family dressed in white with blue that addedatouch of elegance to the already impressive setting.

We started with group photos, capturing the happy faces of the whole family as they laughed and posed for the camera. The family’s love for each other was evident, and it was a joy to see them having a great time together. We then move on to individual shots, capturing each family member’s unique personality and style.

As we sailed further offshore we had the opportunity to take some stunning photos of the Perez family against the backdrop of the vast sea. The children were especially excited and their enthusiasm was contagious, which made the photo session even more enjoyable. The birthday boy, in particular, was beaming with happiness and it was touching to see how much he was enjoying his special day.

The yacht crew also went above and beyond to make sure the photo shoot ran smoothly. They provided us with drinks and snacks which helped keep everyone refreshed and energized throughout the session. The spacious deck of the yacht gave us ample room to move around and capture various angles and shots, adding to the variety of photos we were able to take.

The photo shoot lasted a few hours and we ended it with a group photo of the entire Perez family against the setting sun. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day, and the photos were absolutely stunning. The Perez family was delighted with the results and expressed their gratitude for capturing their special memories.

In conclusion, doing a photo session for the Pérez family on a yacht in the middle of the Caribbean Sea was an unforgettable experience. It was touching to see how much they appreciate the time they spend together as a family, and I’m honored to have captured those memories for them. I’m looking forward to next year’s photo shoot and can’t wait to see where their travels take them next.     

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