Daniel Olmedo Photographer Wedding Adriana & Sushant pre-wedding Haldy + Mandy

Adriana & Sushant pre-wedding Haldy + Mandy

As a photographer, I was honored to capture the precious moments of the Indian Haldi and Mehndi pre-wedding ceremony held on December 15 at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya Mexico hotel.

The ceremony was organized by Dywan By Design for the lovely couple, Adriana and Sushant, and it was a colorful event where the whole family took part in this traditional Indian ritual.

The place was decorated in the traditional Indian style, with colorfulcurtains, flowers and ornaments adorning the space. The bride and groom were dressed in stunning traditional Indian attire, with Adriana in a beautiful yellow and gold sari and Sushant in a yellow sherwani.The Haldi ceremony began with a prayer, followed by some rituals performed by the mother and aunts. Family and friends then took turns applying the Haldi paste to the couple’s face, arms and feet. The joy and excitement were palpable as guests showered the couple with flowers and rice as they applied the paste. I captured these beautiful moments of love, laughter and happiness with my camera, making sure the memories were captured forever.

After the Haldi ceremony, we moved on to the Mehndi ceremony, where the hands and feet of the bride and groom were decorated with intricate henna designs. The henna artist created unique designs that were personalized for the bride, incorporating her preferences and personalities into the designs.The guests were entertained with traditional Indian music and dance, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Everyone was eager to get their turn to apply the henna designs to the couple’s hands, and I captured these special moments of love and togetherness between family members and friends.

The entire event was a perfect blend of traditional Indian customs and modernity, with a touch of elegance and luxury. The Grand Velas Riviera Maya Mexico hotel provided the perfect setting for the event, with its stunning setting and first-class facilities. Dywan By Design did an exceptional job organizing the event, making sure every detail was taken care of and that the couple had the perfect pre-wedding celebration.

As a photographer, I felt lucky to be a part of this beautiful event and made sure every moment was captured on camera. Memories of this ceremony will remain with the couple and their families for a lifetime, and I am proud to have helped preserve those memories through my photographs. 

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