Daniel Olmedo Photographer Family Session Family session in Cancun

Family session in Cancun

Cancun family photographer, the Rodríguez family traveled from the United States to Cancun to celebrate their family vacation and they wanted to capture every moment of it. They hired me as their family photographer to take photos at a shoot of their daughter, who turned 18 and is a talented basketball player, and the mother, who was expecting a new baby. I was excited to take on this challenge and capture the essence of her family in one photo shoot.As soon as I met the Rodríguez family, I could feel their enthusiasm and love for each other. We start the photo session with the daughter, who is a skilled basketball player. I captured her playing on the beach, as well as walking on Playa Delfines and posing on the pier and below it on Playa Caracol.

After capturing the daughter, we moved on to taking family portraits. The family wore beautiful outfits and their love for each other was evident in every shot. The mother was beaming and her enthusiasm for the new baby was contagious. We took family photos walking on the beach, playing in the ocean, and posing for portraits. The vibrant energy of the daughter and the radiance of the mother made each shot a masterpiece.When we finished the session, I felt a sense of satisfaction and pride. The photos we had captured were not just images, but memories of family love and happiness. It was amazing to see the family bond and enjoy each other’s company, and it was an honor to capture these moments for you to treasure forever.

In conclusion, the Rodríguez family vacation in Cancun was a wonderful experience and I loved being a part of it. By taking photos in a session of their daughter, who turned 18 and is a talented basketball player, and the mother who is expecting a new baby, we create memories that they will treasure forever. It was a pleasure working with this family and capturing their love and zest for life.

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